Walk 15th August

I don’t know about the rest of you intrepids but I ache today! It must have been all those hills and steps.

From Kidsgrove we drove to Macclesfield forest and parked at The Leather’s Smithy inn overlooking Ridgegate reservoir. From here we followed a path along the south side of the reservoir. The path then turned further south and into the start of the forest but then travelling east and north we came to Trentbank reservoir. Turning southish again we entered the forest properly with dense woods on either side, mostly of very tall pine trees. The path rose up steeply and for a long way as we climbed the side of Nessit Hill. After what seemed like climbing to the clouds the path eventually eased but the views were stupendous over the treetops and across Cheshire.

Having climbed a very long way we eventually started down to everyone’s relief! The path led us down to Standing Stone Road along which we returned to Ridgegate reservoir, deviating occasionally onto forest paths running, more or less, parallel with the road. Continuing along the road we walked on the north edge of the reservoir back to the inn.

The choice of food here was amazing and we all agreed that our meals were delicious. This is a place which is definitely worth re-visiting.


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