Walk on Sept 5th

It was raining quite heavily when Sue and I arrived at the car park in Kidsgrove to find  Helen and Hilary sheltering from the rain. Oddly enough they decided to continue with the walk after I asked if we should all go home! So off we went to the White Lion at Barthomley.

Still raining and donning our waterproofs, we walked along the driveway to the church then carried on along a path past a pond, then over a stile into a field of very long, very wet, grass.

So it continued, long wet grass, electric fences and slippery stiles, dozens of them! Oh, and cows and horses.

We headed off towards Balterley Green across the fields, coming across a large herd cows who followed us and electric fences which we ducked under, until gaining a proper road. Not for long though. Aiming for Englesea-Brook there were more wet fields and then a field of maize, seven feet high and the path overgrown with five foot high thistles which we had to battle through.

Arriving at Englesea-Brook we took to the road for a while until striking out across another field of corn, then following the path of Dean Brook, we headed for Mill Dale but then struck out across more fields back to Bathomley. Again the grass was very long and very wet, making walking quite hard going so when we eventually got back (the rain had stopped by now, of course)  and emptied our boots, we were really ready for a grateful sit down, a drink and some food.

After all that we did enjoy the walk, even in the rain.

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