September 26th walk

On this clear, bright, sunny morning six intrepids parked their cars at The Rising Sun in Scholar Green, ready for adventure.

Leaving the car park behind we walked along Station Road to the A34 which we crossed into a road called ‘Claphatches’ (CLAP-HATCH, a small gate so hung that it will close itself.).

Onward, we crossed Church Lane, followed a track (Lunt’s Moss) then climbed over a stile into fields – wet grass again! Several fields and guidance errors (oops) later we arrived back at the A34 beside The Bleeding Wolf. Being somewhat early it seemed prudent to extend the walk so, instead of taking to the canal towpath, we crossed the main road and headed off along Moss Lane towards Mount Pleasant. We didn’t reach Mount Pleasant but took another path across a churned up field with no identifiable route but once again GPS came to the rescue.

The path eventually took us for a pleasant walk through woodland, with dappled sunshine coming through the leaves, ending up at the Macclesfield canal. A short walk from here and we arrived back at The Rising Sun ready for lunch. We were still early and had to wait for it to open!

A really nice lunch was enjoyed by all before returning in time for the monthly meeting.




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