Walk on October 24th

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The weather forecast for Tuesday, 24 October 2017 was ominous, this is somewhere between bad and not very good, however four stalwarts set off for Greenway Bank Country Park for a walk around Knypersley Pool.  We settled ourselves on the car park and set off down the hill, through the Arboretum, to the top of the Serpentine. Following the path round to the Warders Tower we paused to see what was on the other side of the bridge, and yes it was more water.

We have followed the path along to Gawton’s Stone and branching off to look at the waterfall which despite the weather looked rather pretty, completed the circuit bringing us back out at the stone where we turned to the right and up the hill where it began to rain, but not for long.  After following the path along the edge of the wood towards Rock End we did a U-turn and picked up the Staffordshire Moorland Walk taking us across two very boggy fields to emerge back by the Warders Tower

From here we followed the path around the pool emerging by Pool End Cottage to follow the road over the dam head and back to the car park.

A quick change of footwear and a short drive to Hilltop and the pub, formerly known as the Rose and Crown, but now known as the Top Pub for a very substantial lunch at a very unsubstantial price. And jolly nice it was too.  This is now on the list of pubs to visit again.

– Ian

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